Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?  And where will you travel to?

We are based in Sydney and available for photographic sessions within the Sydney Metropolitan area.  Out of area requests are welcome, please just discuss this when you make an enquiry or a booking. A travel fee does apply to out of Sydney Metropolitan area.

Where are the photos taken?

Your photos are taken at a beautiful location of your choice – at your house, a local park, by the water etc.

Do you have a studio?

My work is predominantly done at outdoor locations because this suits most families and individuals.  However, I can come to your home and use appropriate rooms in your home or use your outdoor areas.  I can also bring along an indoor studio backdrop if you would like a studio look to your photos.

How do I make a booking?

You can either call or send an email via my contact page.  We will then discuss your session needs and confirm a date, time and location for your photo session. If you are having an outdoor session I will then follow up with contacting you the day before the session to discuss the weather forecast. If the weather is looking bad we can then reschedule to another suitable date.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, in order to secure your booking, I ask that you pay $50 via direct bank deposit. This is non-refundable. However, it can be transferable to another date if the photo shoot needs to be cancelled due to illness within your family or poor weather conditions (for outdoor shoots).

What do I wear on the day?

Feel free to dress up or remain casual.  The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing. If there is a group of you please just make sure you are all in a similar feel of clothes (eg all casual) and that your colours work well together and don’t clash (eg don’t have one person wearing bright red while everyone else is wearing pale colours).

Try to avoid large logos or clothes with writing on them as they will draw attention away from your faces. Also, be aware that some bright colours and patterns might do the same (or date your photos).  If in doubt bring the outfit, along with an alternative option.

If wearing white – it would be best for all of the family to be wearing white. Please be aware that if only one member of the family is wearing white that they will stand out from all of the other family members because white is very eye catching and reflective.

What should I bring to the photographic shoot?

The less you have to carry with you the better (so it doesn’t get into any photos) but it can be a good idea to bring along a few things, some of which you could leave in the car until it’s needed.

  • Snacks and drinks for the children – some may need it during the session, some straight after.
  • For very young kids, a favourite toy, especially one that might encourage a few smiles.
  • Any ‘props’ you may like to have in your photos e.g. bubbles, kids chair etc.
  • Bring an extra change of clothes for kids in case they get wet or dirty.

I want an outdoor photo shoot, what if the weather is bad on the day of our shoot?

Naturally the weather can create problems for an outdoor photo shoot, so if necessary we can reschedule, or relocate. We will discuss all the options on the day prior to your shoot.

How do we receive our photographs?

You will receive your photographs on USB. On the USB you will find two folders – one with your images in high resolution (for printing) and one with them in low resolution (for using online). Always remember to back up your photos by copying them to at least two locations, such as your computer and an external hard drive.

Roughly how long does it take before we receive the photos on disk?

Generally within 2 – 3 weeks.  I’ll always email you once the photographs have been sent, so you can look out for them in the mail!