Corporate Photography

For many years I have been taking corporate head shots, building and vehicle photos as well as food and product photography.
With my background in Graphic Design I am able to think beyond the photos to how you can use your imagery as part of your business brand and style.
I am always focused on how you are using your photos and the many options of how you can use imagery to showcase your brand.
We have so much visual information presented to us each day and you need your images to show who you are and have your business stand out from others – especially in the fast moving social media platforms.
I can help you have a strong visual presence that stands out above any of the stock images that get used and show the unique personality of your business.

I am currently updating my web site and will have more information about my corporate photography options soon. Watch this space!
But while that is being worked on you can still contact me for a quote for any of your corporate photography needs. Head to the Contact Us page to get a quote.